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by Beau Grant on June 16, 2022

ZiZZO Celebrates Father's Day

It’s time to celebrate good old Dad! Father's Day is here again and we have another chance to show our appreciation. Now, you could just do the same old thing and get him another tie or a coffee mug which reads, “World’s Greatest Dad,” or you could get him something he would really like and use.  

Of course, this is the part of the blog where I tell you to get him a ZiZZO, but I'm not going to go that route! (That would be an amazing gift though!)  

So, let's just talk about gifts and/or ideas for things that you can get him that may inspire him to ride more... no matter what kind of bike he has. (Did I mention he probably would love a ZiZZO?) Anyways, let me give you my top “Cycling Father's Day Gifts” for all budgets and levels of riding. 

 ZiZZO Taillights Father's Day Gift10. Cycling lights. It may be summer, but sometimes it's too hot to go on a midday ride so your dad may choose to do something around sunset. Having some lights to be seen is a great gift! A front headlight and a LED tail light is a great, inexpensive accessory. 

9. Gels/sports nutrition/energy bars. If there is one cycling tip I’ve learned over the years it’s: eat and drink little and often on a longer ride. Having some energy bars or gels in his pocket would be a great thing to have if Dad decides to spend more than an hour on the bike. Small and easy to pack, they will allow him to keep going without cramping.

8. Bicycle helmet. Safety first! There are a lot of choices out there, but as long as you see the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) sticker on the inside of a new helmet it should be fine. There are plenty of cool helmets that are under $100 and even a few under $50.

7. Cycling gloves. It’s always nice to be safe and comfortable. Lightweight gloves for summer generally have some padding to absorb the shock of the road and will protect the palms a bit if there is a minor spill. It’s better to tear the material than suffer dirt and gravel inside of a scratch or some road rash.

6. Water bottles. As cyclists we can NEVER have enough water bottles, as they are hard to keep clean! At some point it will be time to throw them away... so new ones are always welcome! If your pop doesn’t currently have a water bottle cage installed on his bike, that would be a super gift too!

Father's Day Gift ZiZZO Bike Bag
5. Cycling bags. Being able to carry things on your bike has exploded over the years. From simple small under the seat bags to full-on bike packing gear for epic journeys: the sky is the limit! I personally enjoy the trunk bag on my ZiZZO as it fits my cameras, phone, keys, wallet, etc.

4. Windbreakers/neck gaiters/UV protectant arm sleeves. A nice, lightweight windbreaker can be helpful on those days when it’s a little chilly in the morning, but warms up later. A neck gaiter and protectant sleeves are also great to keep from getting too much sun.

3. Padded cycling shorts or liners. Dad might not feel comfortable in skin tight lycra/spandex so just tell him to throw some shorts he likes over the top and he will thank you later for the miles of comfort!

2. Cycling computer. From budget models to high-end digital dynamos that give you every statistic and navigation capability in the world, cycling computers can be a great addition to riding. If Dad just wants to use his phone and app that’s fine, but sometimes dad likes to get techy too! If he has a ZiZZO..hint hint...then you could add a ZiZZO speed and cadence sensor set to work as well.

ZiZZO Folding Bike for Father's Day Gift
1. NEW BIKE. Yes! Yes! Yes! New bike day is amazing no matter how old you are. But you looked at all the prices and realized immediately that was not going to happen, right? Too bad there isn’t a good quality bike that is under $500. Oh, wait yes there is!! Go to ZIZZO.BIKE and take a look. If you made it this far in this blog, I’m sure you know. 


Enjoy Father's Day and we hope you can share a ride on whatever bike you have with good, old pops! 


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