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Out of Storage Back on the Road Tips

by Beau Grant on May 19, 2023

Are you just getting back to your ZiZZO now that some time has passed? Has it been hiding away in the shed or stowed away after a long winter/spring nap? Before deciding to just jump back on your ZiZZO our Master tech Tony has a list of tips when taking a bike out of storage 

  1. Visual inspection: Pull that bike out and give it a close inspection. Are there signs of rusting? If the bike was put away wet or in a damp environment there could be some real trouble. Brake cables, chains, cogs, bolts and other parts may be compromised by the rust. Moisture can also get into the brake cable housing making it difficult for parts that need to move back and forth freely to get stuck.  
  2. Broken/Bent/Damaged parts: Sometimes the bike has been shuffled around and things happen to bend or break parts. Make sure everything looks like it should. Make sure all bolts on the folding mechanisms work and are in good shape. Inspect the derailleur and hanger to see if anything got bent inwards while in storage.                                                                  
  3. Tire Dry Rot: Replace old tires showing cracks and lines. This usually occurs due to age, wear and tear, improper storage, or all three. If you see dry rot on your bike's tire, the right thing to do is to discard it and replace it.                                                                                                                     
  4. Clean/Lube: Things may have been stored away in a nice dry spot but what was the condition of the bike when you put it away? Was the chain and drivetrain dirty? Now is the time to get out that rag and clean it up. Get some degreaser and some brushes and make it look like new again. After the job you may have put off for some time is done add some of your favorite lube to get things nice and smooth.  
  5. Replacing parts: Does that cog or chain have a lot of miles on it? Consider replacing both if you can. Changing out the chain is always good but now that the cog has worn down a new chain might not work as well compared to a fresh set. For about $40-$50 replacing those parts alone can really make a difference in how the bike operates especially when shifting.           
  6. Stop!: Yes, we all need the ability to stop. If you can’t stop properly, you might want to reconsider riding. How far do you have to squeeze the brake levers to activate the brakes? You should only have to go about an inch or two to really clamp down on the brakes. Are the pads worn or cracked? That is an easy replacement if needed. Check to see if you can see the brake pads “wear line” and how close it is to the rim. Get those adjustments dialed in before riding. 

These are some basics to start with but we hope they will help you get back on the road riding safely and as smooth as ever. A clean well maintained ZiZZO is a happy ZiZZO which makes for happy riders. Enjoy the ride! 


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