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Cruise Campus in Style with ZiZZO

by Deborah Lockhart on September 08, 2021

ZiZZO Folding Bike For College

Nobody wants to go back to school after summer. Long days in the library and lectures aren’t anywhere near as much fun as, well, anything July and August have to offer. But after a summer at the beach, the pool or hanging with friends, heading back to school can still be fun when you’re packing the right gear – and traveling in style.  

We’re talking about ZiZZO: the ultimate in campus cool and an ultra-convenient way to cruise between classes, across campus, or around town in real style. Get yours HERE or check out why you need one now: 

Why ZiZZO for School? 

  • Beats the traffic without breaking the bank – ZiZZO Via starts at just $379.99 making it probably the most college-budget-friendly bike ever made.

  • Packs small in a dorm room – unlike regular bikes, ZiZZO folds and stores small for even the most cramped dorm room. No leaving it in the halls or out in the rain. Fold and store by your dorm room desk or easily inside a closet.  

  • Ride the bus and carry to class – ZiZZO can go anywhere. Light enough to carry upstairs with one hand, they fold small so you can jump on a bus or grab an Uber with your bike in tow.  
  • Made for fun, built for anything – with quality Shimano parts, comfort seat and all-terrain tires, ZiZZO’s are ready for anything you can throw at them. Ride across grass, fields, light off road, around campus streets in and out of traffic and if your plans change fold your ZiZZO and get a ride home. 

  • Ready to ride right out of the box – no tools, tinkering or trips to the bike shop. No insider bike knowledge needed. Simply unpack  unfold your bike and get going to class – or wherever. 

  • All-weather protection –  ZiZZO Via’s comes with front and rear fenders ready  for the wet fall and winter days. 



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