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ZiZZO Heads Back to School

por Beau Grant en August 31, 2022

ZiZZO Bikes Go Back to SchoolIt’s that time of year again. Whether it's that first day of kindergarten or the first day of college, we know summer has officially ended when school starts back up. Mixed emotions can be seen at every crosswalk, campus, and coffee house. Some kids just can’t stand going back and others are happy to see old friends as well as meet new ones. You also may see a lot of talkative smiling and laughing moms who seem to be enjoying the morning even a little more with their highly caffeinated beverage.  How can it get any better? Add a bike ride on a ZiZZO folding bike to start the day off for both students and parents! 

ZiZZO Bike for Mom Dad Mothers FathersSince we still have some great cycling weather for a while longer, let's take advantage of it! If you’re a mom or dad who now has a little extra time on their hands since the kids are back in school, the ZiZZO would be a great choice to spend your “me time” with. After seeing your son and/or daughter off to school, put on your favorite exercise apparel and take a ZiZZO 2022 Campo to that coffee shop with the fancy frappuccino drinks and pastries! 

Worried about it getting stolen? Don’t! Simply fold your ZiZZO up and have it next to you while you enjoy your alone-time perusing the latest Instagram or Facebook posts. Another bonus is that you can treat yourself to some tasty treats while feeling guilt-free! That’s right! Guilt-free! You may just burn off what you enjoyed with a nice hour-long ride. That muffin or scone may be 500 calories but, in an hour, you may burn 600 plus calories on your ZiZZO! And, once you get back home, the blood flowing from the exercise will carry you through the day.  

ZiZZO Bikes for all ages Are you comfortable with letting the kids ride to school? If so, a ZiZZO would be perfect for them as long as they meet the minimum height specifications. Save on gas expenses and let them meet up with some friends for their daily spin to and from school.  

It was always a great way to start my day... pedaling to school with some buddies many moons ago. We would even get there early to play some basketball before the bell rang to get to class. The 20-inch wheels and the solid construction of ZiZZO’ frame should more than handle whatever your loved ones can dish out. Since most BMX bikes are already 20-inch wheels, your sons and daughters will most likely feel right at home with their friends. I have a feeling the kids would think a ZiZZO Ferro folding bike would be pretty cool. The beauty of the fact that a ZiZZO folds is now, when you have to pick them up from school or after-school event, even though they rode their bikes there, you can easily throw the bike in the trunk or backseat with no hassles and drive them home.  

ZiZZO Bikes for College StudentsLet's not forget about that “off to college” kid. Money is tight but they still need to get around. A ZiZZO would be the college student's new best friend. At a price that fits anyone's budget, they could be zipping around their campus with a backpack on, or maybe a load of books strapped to a ZiZZO rear rack. Dorm life can be a tight squeeze for traditional big bikes, but with the ZiZZO folding down so compact, there will be no irate roommates complaining... unless your teen ate their last hot pocket.  

Life will be a little easier for them with a ZiZZO except when it's time to do weeks' worth of laundry. I don’t know of a solution for that but our ZiZZO Forte can handle up to 300 lbs. loaded down. Please share a picture on our Instagram if your college kid does decide to deliver all his laundry on his ZiZZO that would be a first. 


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