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May is Bike Month – Gear up Now

por Luis Cruz en May 04, 2021

Get ready now. National Bike Month is back this May for all-things bikes. After a brief time slot switch to September last year (yet one more thing to “thank” the pandemic for), it’s home for spring and chances are ... there’s a ride or other fun, safe, and socially distanced event in your neighborhood (there are hundreds across the country.) Started in 1957, it’s a one month celebration of life by bike – for work, transportation, and fun. We take that last one pretty seriously here at ZiZZO. Find more Bike Month info at www.bikeleague.org and check out our prep list to get your ride ready for fun.


Bike Month Checklist


· Bike check – if you haven’t ridden your bike much this winter two things to keep in mind: 1. Why not? And 2. It probably needs a quick tune-up just to be sure. Inflate the tires which can lose pressure during colder winter months, make sure the chain and gears are well lubricated and do a pre-ride break check for safety. Don’t forget reflectors and light battery replacements too for low-light outings.

· Clothing – if you don’t live in sunny Union City, California like us, we’re sorry. But anywhere you are May rides can bring spring showers. You don’t need special clothing but might need to think about wind and shower protection. Gloves and a long-sleeved top plus a light packable rain-resistant jacket should keep you covered for whatever gets thrown your way.

· Bring a Friend – many people love long solo rides, but you’ll get the most out of your ZiZZO if you find a friend to hit the road with. So pick a pal, pack a lunch and visit a neighborhood Bike Month event, cruise over to the Farmer’s market or throw a ZiZZO or two in the trunk (they’re an easy fit), and explore farther from home.

· Commit to Bike to Work Day/Week – if you’re working out of your home but haven’t tried commuting to work by bike, now’s the time to give it a go. It’s a great way to de-stress after a long day too as you ride home. In 2021 Bike to Work Week is May 17-23

and Bike to Work Day is May 21. Preparing is simple – pick a route and know how long the ride will take so you get there in time to change clothes or get ready for your workday once you arrive. Make sure you have a waterproof backpack too if you need a laptop or any other special item for your job. And don’t forget to check out ZiZZO’s water-resistant trunk bag. Great for a day trip or a commute to the office.


And that’s it! Happy riding!!!


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