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Adjusting the stem lock on your Forte (2019 & earlier)

Tools Needed

2.5mm Allen Wrench

3.0mm Allen Wrench

This page will guide you on how to adjust the stem lock found on 2019 and older ZiZZO Forte Bikes. 

From time to time, you may need to adjust your stem lock. The following instructions will help guide you though this adjustment process. 


Before we begin, it is recommended that you have an open and unobstructed work space. 

The use of a bike stand is recommended but not required.

First, identify your stem lock type. If your stem lock is different from the one pictured please refer to the other guides for adjusting the stem lock. 

1. Once you've correctly identified the stem lock, unlock and fold the stem halfway by raising the secondary stem lock.

2. While HOLDING the secondary stem lock in the OPEN position, pull the main stem lock away from the stem.

3. Secure the stem so you can work on the stem lock without having to hold the stem in place. 

4. Loosen the retaining screw (Step 4 in image) with a 2.5mm Allen Wrench.


5. Depending on how the stem lock needs to be adjusted:
To loosen, using the 3.0mm Allen Wrench, rotate the exposed bolt CLOCKWISE.
To tighten the lock, using the 3.0mm Allen Wrench, rotate the exposed bolt COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.


Test the stem lock. If it is not to your satisfaction, repeat step 5.


6. When you are satisfied with the adjustments, tighten the retaining screw with the 2.5mm Allen Wrench. 


Still need help? Feel free to contact us.

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