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por Beau Grant en November 23, 2022


Are you tired of getting hammered by Black Friday Ads in emails and tv ads yet? My phone is blowing up! Every year it does seem to happen earlier and earlier. 75-inch TV for $175? Wow...that's pretty crazy! Big box stores are blowing out inventory for sure. Most likely they ended up with way too much stuff sitting in a warehouse and just want it out to make room for the new stuff. When you are not one of those big companies it can be pretty hard to keep up with the madness as everyone is competing for your hard-earned dollar.  As you well know inflation has been a big topic with families having to make tough choices how their money is spent. 

At ZIZZO we were founded on the principal that bikes should be affordable, accessible, and fun. When the cost of shipping exploded in the last year we made sure to hold steady and not raise our products prices outside of the new Forte 2023 since upgrades were made. Our ZIZZO family has stood by us during shipping and inventory delays and have taken the time to give us great reviews on many sites. They have recommended us through word of mouth and used social media to share their adventures while telling us how much they love their ZIZZO! Real world feedback and honest reviews beats any ad we could put together in my honest opinion. We can’t THANK YOU enough as it makes everyone here happy that these bikes bring joy to your lives! Without the loyal ZIZZO family we would not be able to do any of this and we are beyond grateful for your patronage. 

 Rather than pick and choose what items that might be on sale we wanted to say “Thank You” by keeping it simple and not be so complicated with discount codes, exceptions, rules, stipulations, etc. We decided to give everyone a chance to get a great deal on EVERYTHING from Nov 25th – Dec 4th with 20% off! Once again this is STARTING Nov. 25th at www.zizzo.bike . If you put any item in your cart BEFORE Nov 25th that discount will not be there. From Nov 25th to December 4th when you go to checkout you will see the 20% discount calculated. We hope that you will find something you have been waiting for as our stock has been replenished recently. ZIZZO Urbanos and new 2023 Forte’s are a couple hot items that came in the last couple of weeks. We also received racks and front wheels for select ZIZZO models.  


We hope you all enjoy this time of year to spend with loved ones and friends and maybe even sneak a ride in on your ZIZZO in between turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie.



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