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por Beau Grant en May 26, 2022

ZiZZO Celebrates National Roadtrip Day

Who doesn’t like a good road trip? Pick some days off work to use some vacation time or just do it over a weekend, whatever works for you. With a little planning, you can take off to a location you have been to before that is your happy place, or try something new and exciting for a full-blown adventure!  

Depending on your vehicle and how much stuff you need to bring- the car space can get a little tight. I think we have all been there as a kid or an adult where the car, truck, or van is so full that anyone driving by looks at you thinking, “Yep, they are going on vacation or a road trip.”  

So, your car is packed with sleeping bags, groceries, gear, luggage etc., but there is always room for a ZiZZO or two! With the ability to fold down so compactly it’s a hassle-free issue. Maybe you don’t have a van or SUV and have a standard sedan or small car. No problem! Backseats work just fine. Worried about scratching up leather or upholstery? I always have a ZiZZO in my backseat and have found myself putting a large piece of cardboard down under it to keep from damaging the interior. One time I used my wife's old yoga mat (and got in a little bit trouble), so choose your material wisely. 

ZiZZO Roadtrip Route 66
Let's not just choose a place to go but a place to ride our ZiZZOs! One of the best ways to explore new areas is to ride a bike. With a little research, find some paths or trails to ride. The world has opened up over the last 10 years with technology that lets us really map out things. Sites like Alltrails.com, Komoot, Map My Ride, Ride With Gps and many others can really dial in that adventure. 

So which kind of riding are you up for? Want to check out the big city and a more urban setting? No problem with your ZiZZO! Ride around and see the sites, and maybe snap a few photos or videos. You can attach a ZiZZO handlebar bag and easily put a small camera or maybe some snacks in it for a long day on the bike. If you need to pop on to a ferry, bus, train or Uber- you are on your way without any issues.  

Worried about leaving the bike outside while grabbing a snack or refreshment as it might get stolen? Fold it up and carry it in. I've never been hassled by any place I've gone in with my ZiZZO... but I have been told I can’t wheel my road bike in to a store before.  

ZiZZO Folding Bike OffRoad
Heading out to go camping? Maybe a backwoods adventure is on tap? Look for those dirt trails and get rolling! Outside of crazy, technical mountain bike courses requiring full suspension shocks, most trails are not a problem. My personal favorite ZiZZO model is the Urbano- as it is almost as light as the Liberte but has wider tires.

Fire trails that are fairly groomed can be a fun way to really feel adventurous without going all out and staying within your comfort zone. I personally enjoy pushing some limits to see what kind of terrain an Urbano can handle. Recently I headed out to Sedona, Arizona and Joshua Tree, California for my own road trip. After searching out the “Beginner” trails at Sedona, I found myself enjoying the agile handling of those 20-inch wheels as I went up and down “Bell Rock Trail.” The red compact dirt and rock made for a fun challenging ride.  

Sedona is known as a mecca for mountain biking, and a few riders went by me looking at me like, “What is that bike doing here?” If they would have asked me, I would have told them, “It is doing just fine.” I was really surprised at how fun the 20-inch wheels made it. I have to admit I felt like a kid back on my BMX bike a bit. Don’t underestimate the amount of fun you can have on a ZiZZO, it’s not just for paved roads or city riding. 

We hope everyone gets out on a good old-fashioned road trip this year! Solo or with the family, it is always guaranteed to make some new memories. We won’t mention stories of kids in the back seat fighting or saying, “Are we there yet?” every 5 miles or asking for bathroom stops every 30 minutes because this blog is about encouraging you to take a road trip (but I guess that is just part of the experience). Embrace all that comes with your road trip and don’t forget the ZiZZO! 

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