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World Bicycle Day 2022

por Beau Grant en June 02, 2022

ZiZZO Celebrates World Bike Day


I think we can agree universally that the bicycle could possibly be one of the greatest inventions ever! For some of us at ZiZZO, bicycle day is celebrated every day in some fashion, but “World Bicycle Day” was officially endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly in April of 2018... after three (3) years of lobbying for it by United States based Professor Leszek Sibliski! June 3rd is here so let's start this party!  

ZiZZO folding bikes and Karl Von Drais
Photo Source: Wikipedia

From 1817 German inventor Karl Von Drais’ “Swiftwalker” or “Hobbyhorse” made mostly of wood to carbon fiber engineering masterpieces costing well over 20k, modern bicycles have come a long way! In the early years bikes helped those less fortunate economically who couldn't afford horses and carriages. The bike was said to become the “Peoples Nag,” as it was lighter and faster.  

A male-dominated society was forced to adapt to women who loved the freedom of going for a spin and looking quite fashionable, all the while pushing boundaries of being progressive and independent. The famous “Buffalo Soldiers” proved in 1897 that they could go 1900 miles from Montana to Missouri fully loaded with gear on bikes to make the trek in half the time at 1/3 the cost of the calvary.  

ZiZZO Fun Bikes and Gino Bartali Photo Source: Wikipedia

Cycling hero and legend Gino Bartali used his fame to talk Nazi guards into letting him “train,” riding his bike during WW2 in occupied Northern Italy from Florence... only to deliver documents hidden inside the tubes of his frame to the Italian Resistance and churches in Assisi. This would in turn help over 800 Jewish people escape a horrible fate. We could go on and on about the historical importance of the beloved bicycle, but this is just supposed to be a blog not a novel.  

On “World Bicycle Day” we celebrate the way a bike makes us feel! Whether you are just getting off the training wheels as a kid, or cruising around in your 80s and up, we all get that smile! We all love the ability to go where our body will allow us to explore and that freedom of taking on any adventure. When I look down at my hands on the handlebars of my ZiZZO , I get the same view as I did in my teens.  

I remember jumping dirt ramps and zooming around without a care in the world. Of course, there were a few crashes too, but that just goes along with the whole experience. Now that I’m a little older, the ZiZZO really works well with my needs! I can still zip around and go fast with a nimble Liberte, or do some bike touring with some racks on a ZiZZO Forte, but I always have that freedom to fold up and go!  

ZiZZO Folding Bikes Perfect for Trains and SubwaysTaking the train with the ZiZZO has me in a peaceful frame of mind getting to work now while still getting in about 15 miles a riding a day. I guess I can have that extra snack near lunch because I earned it!  

“World Bicycle Day” is celebrated all over Germany and many parts of Europe. They celebrate the day by organizing group events and encouraging everyone to ride instead of drive. How much fun would that be taking a ZiZZO to another country to participate with people who are as crazy for bikes as you are?  

With the world open for travel again, I think it's time to start making some plans to find out! 

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Seeing the world by bike is a must. Ask anyone who has done any kind of touring and there is no better way to see the sites and get a real taste of the land and culture.  

The world is a better place when we ride a bike. With healthier bodies and minds, we can solve a lot of problems. Don’t underestimate the power of the bicycle so get out and pedal that ZiZZO and make your own world just a little bit better. 


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