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Which ZiZZO Is Right For You?

por Beau Grant en July 14, 2023

  Are you new to ZiZZO Folding bikes? Have you been checking out the different models and just don’t know which one would suit your riding style, budget, or ability? Have you checked out the comparison feature on our website at www.zizzo.bike and are still unsure? Well then you have come to the right place! I will do my best to help you get a better understanding of each model as I have spent 2 years riding each one of these bikes in varied terrain and situations. I do want to mention that this is based on my own personal experience and does not mean that you won’t have a different experience as all cyclists are very unique. All ZiZZO bikes can be modified in many ways as they use industry standard parts. This blog is based on the bikes coming stock out of the box. 

Liberte- Sleek, nimble, quick, lightweight and street lethal! If you want to get moving on smooth streets or paths the Liberte is ready to be as quick as you want it to be with the high-pressure narrow tires and only weighing 23 lbs. If you need to get up some hills the 8-speed gearing paired with the Shimano Altus derailleur is a solid combination. I have tacked some steep hills in San Francisco and found myself in the last gear but was still able to spin to win and keep these old knees out of danger. Have I tried it off road? Yes, but in its stock configuration bumpy dirt roads was maybe a little less forgiving compared to other models. It was designed the way it was for a reason. Even if you don’t care about going “fast” if you need a bike that is easy to lift in and out of your vehicle or upstairs this is a great choice since it weighs only 23 lbs. New Libertes are $100 off the price of $479.99 making them $379.99 using code SUMMER23 at checkout at www.zizzo.bike thru July 31st! 

 Urbano- High performance on and off road. This is my favorite bike just because I have tested it the most. Same higher end components as the Liberte but with wider tires to get dirty. Packed trails, rough roads, and maybe even some “single track” mountain bike trails with moderate grades can all be handled on the Urbano. That extra pound compared to the Liberte is not even noticeable. To me Urbano checks all the boxes. Wider comfortable saddle, 8 gears, affordable, solid components, and very sturdy. The frame is the same material as the Liberte but for whatever reason it feels “stiffer” and a bit more solid. Is it just my imagination? Maybe it is just the wider tires.

Campo & Via- I am putting these together because to me the difference is minimal. The Campo is 2 lbs heavier and does not have fenders. If you want Fenders preinstalled and absolutely need them then maybe spend that extra $60 to get the Via and you will also get a lighter bike. With 2-inch-wide tires these bikes are your “jack of all trades” and do just fine on packed trails or city streets. When it comes to steep terrain that is going to be based on your abilities. If you need to change out the rear gearing that is always an option if needed and easy to do as these are industry standard parts. Personally, for an extra $40-50 if I was considering the Via and did not need fenders, I would jump up to the Urbano as its components are well worth the upgrade. If you are on a budget and don’t need fenders, then the Campo is a great choice and with regular maintenance it will last and perform well.  

Forte 2023 and Forte Original- Two words..Heavy duty! Even before the Forte 2023 came out this bike was made like a tank and ready to handle whatever I could throw at it. Yes, it is a little heavier, but that extra strength allows a total weight of 300lbs. A great touring bike for sure as all that extra weight from gear, food, water, tools added to a rider's weight can push the limit. I took the Forte bike packing last summer (video on ZiZZO YouTube) and it handled everything I could throw at it. I must admit I modified the rear gear for some hills with 34 teeth. Dirt trails, mountain roads and steep descents were no problem fully loaded with fenders and a rear rack. The 2023 is even better but does cost a little more from the upgraded parts. Well worth it in my opinion. 

Ferro- You just want a bike to ride and don’t want to break the bank, the Ferro does a great job. This bike is a good casual bike for someone cruising along looking for a little exercise and isn’t looking to get too serious right off the bat. It also is a good "starter" folding bike to see if this is the right style for you. Doing customer support, I have noticed where some people feel at this price point it is a “throw away” bike and just leave it out or use it and abuse it a few times then wonder why things aren't working well anymore. A little basic regular maintenance will keep these bikes going for quite some time.  

No matter what bike you choose just know that ZiZZO stands behind all of our products and if you ever need help we are here for you with any issue you may have. Always feel free to reach out. Enjoy the ride! 

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por Tony en October 26, 2023

Hello Arthur
Thank you for your post and interest in ZiZZO Bikes!"
At 6’4" you are just outside of the recommended fit range at 4’8"-6’3".
That being said, you may still find a ZiZZO is a good fit. This is because every rider’s body is different and depending on your body’s proportions (longer legs and shorter torso? Or vice versa?), you still fit or with some adjustments, fit the bike.
I want to touch on the second part of your question, “or am I going to look silly.” There is a quote from a world famous cyclist and Tour Champion, Eddy Merckx. He said, “It doesn’t matter WHAT you ride. It doesn’t matter how FAR your ride. Just as long as you ride.” Arthur, in short, it does not matter what other think, but rather what YOU think and how you feel. The benefits of cycling, in my humble opinion, far outweigh any “stigma”.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.

por Arthur Singer en October 26, 2023

I’m 6”4 235lbs. 70 years old. I intend to only use it only on easy blacktop and gravel paths.
Are your folding bikes a good option for me, or am I going to look silly.
Any thoughts on the subject wood be appreciated.

por Tony en September 25, 2023

Hello Patricia! Thank you for considering ZiZZO Bikes. When you can, please reach out to one of our Customer Service Team Members. We'd be happy to help guide you through the decision making process and help to find the perfect bike for you! You can reach us at 866-788-2202 or supportzizzo.bike

por Patricia en September 25, 2023

I was introduced yesterday to Zizzo by Mark who owns a bike shop in Joplin, MO, I have taken several bike tours in
Eurrope & NAfrica. Have a Lemond Touring bike. I need something light but with tires to hold up better than my thin Lemonds. Something I can carryw/out a rack I just turned 78 & have been extremely busy for the last several years & have not had time to ride. Want to get bk on the bike. What Zizzo do you recommend? Want to just ride around the neighborhood no more extensive trips. Thx loads.
Patricia Kessinget

por Tony en September 11, 2023

Hello EE
Thank you for your interest in ZiZZO Bikes.
When you are able to, please reach out to our amazing service team. We’ll ask you some questions about your riding style and can help find the best bike for you!
You can reach us at 866-788-2202 or by email at support@zizzo.bike.

por EE en September 11, 2023

Can you recommend which zizzo model is best for riding on the beach that is hard packed sand? Thanks!

por Tony en August 04, 2023

Hi Beate
Great question and thank you for reaching out!
The distance (as measure from the center of the handlebar and center of the seatpost) is 24".
Let us know if you have any other questions.

por Beate en August 04, 2023

Shopping for a teen of short stature (145cm height) and wondering what the seat-handlebar distance is on these bikes. Looking for a city bike, fenders and rack would be nice but not essential.


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