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Let's Talk About E-Bikes

por Beau Grant en June 30, 2023

   Over the last 5 years we all have seen the explosion of E bikes or even people converting their regular or as some call in the industry “acoustic” bikes with kits and modifications to get a little assist. The bike industry has seen everything go crazy since the start of the pandemic concerning all types of bikes but with electric motors taking over in such a short period of time cities and states have been scrambling to figure out laws and regulations. It clearly has been the “Wild West” when it comes to rules let alone etiquette amongst riders. Rather than touch on the rules of each state or the backlash of many bike shops not wanting to work on cheaper budget E-bikes I would like to tell you how I turned my E-Bike frown upside down.

   As a lifelong cyclist I have always taken pride in getting up that hill on my own power. I also worked hard to get into shape when I did the rollercoaster of weight gain and loss. It is no secret that riding up is not easy but to me the rewards of cresting a mountain climb and seeing something beautiful or just meeting the challenge head on is so gratifying. 5 years ago, I was climbing a beautiful local mountain called Mt. Tam on a dirt trail and was really working hard. The sweat was pouring off my head like a faucet off the tip of my nose and I heard a noise from behind. I assumed at the rate they were approaching it must be some young very fit mountain biker. As they zipped by me it was two older women that did not look in good enough shape to be doing this trail at that pace. Then it hit me as I saw the oversized bottom bracket that it was a mid-drive high end mountain bike. It took me a second to see they were not even barely pedaling and going two and half times my speed up a steep climb. Then it happened...they both looked at each other and laughed. I am sure it was just a pure joy excited fun laugh that had nothing to do with me but let me tell you I took it personal. Why? I really don’t know but it was like I felt that they were cheating and part of riding a bike is to do the work.

  For a few years I scoffed at any E-bike as they zoomed by me on city streets or out on trails. I remember riding with a friend that was a little older than me in his late 50s/early 60s and he said “I might be older and a little slow, but I don’t need an E-Bike yet” As I talked to other cyclists or saw comments on social media it seemed like this was becoming “a thing” with the negativity. I started to meet and talk to cyclists that had E-Bikes andI heard stories on how they could now ride with others in their family due to physical limitations. I heard about how if it wasn’t for the E bike, they would not be able to go to some amazing places and have these life changing adventures. I watched people who just wanted to have fun cover longer distances than they could without some assistance. People that have not been on a bike in years suddenly wanted to get back on the bike with a new sense of excitement. Isn’t that what we all want? Happy people riding bikes? Is it really that important that one person gets to the top on their own power, and another wanted to get a little help? Cycling can be inclusive, but it has always been a very opinionated group. There is nothing wrong with how you feel but to “shame” others who ride an E bike as being “lazy” or “cheating” needs to be reexamined in my opinion.

  I recently got back from my first cycling trip in Europe to the Dolomites for a huge group ride of thousands called the “Sella Ronda” at Passo Gardena, Italy. Over 40 miles of breathtaking roads around some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen that climb and descend four passes. They close the road off for 9 hours for this event and everyone rides counterclockwise. I saw bikes of all types and riders of all levels, ages, sizes and genders. Everyone was grinning ear to ear and there were plenty of E Bikes in the mix. Maybe without that assistance they would not be able to experience the ride of a lifetime. One other ride I did was Furka Pass in Switzerland high up in the Alps that was a difficult long climb. There was an older couple up ahead near the top and as I pulled up to them, we chatted for a little while. They were using bikes with rear drive hubs and said how they loved that they could experience one of the most beautiful places on earth by bike because of the extra help it gave them. To see the joy in their faces and hear their story was the final straw. I had been converted. No matter how you get from A to B just enjoy the ride.

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por Tony en July 24, 2023

Hi Susan!
We are happy you found us!
Please let us know if you have any questions on the Liberte or the upcoming e-bike kit launching soon.

por Susan Bradley en July 24, 2023

I just discovered your bikes (was previously looking at Bromptons). NOW I’ve just discovered that you have a motor that can be added??? Right? I’m interested in the Liberte due to weight. Also do you sell cruiser handlebars? Thanks!

por Tony en July 17, 2023

Hello W. Hazeldine
Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with your e-bike conversion!
It really is remarkable how adding a motor to your bike allows you to go farther and see more than with just pedaling alone!
Thank you again!

por W. Hazeldine en July 17, 2023

I am 66 years old and have owned a Campo Euro Bike for almost five years, and I installed a mid drive moter about a year ago. So far I toured the city of Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. Adding an electric motor was a great help. I find the mid drive unit is nice since I still have use of the pedals and regular gears. The unit has the feature of “pedal assist” that automatically kicks in if needed.
It was the best investment I have made with the bicycle.

por Tony en July 07, 2023

Hello Janice!
Thank you for your interest in the ZiZZO E-bike kit! We’ve added your email to the waitlist for your Urbano and when the kits arrive, we’ll send you an email. In the interim, please let us know if you have any questions.

por Janice Druitt en July 07, 2023

I would like an email when you get the kits, I have the Urbano. Thank you. !

por Tony en July 05, 2023

Hello Eleanor!
Thank you for your question.
We cannot make a third party kit recommendation, but we are releasing a conversion kit soon!
Email our support team a support@zizzo.bike to be put on the waitlist. Once we launch the kit, we’ll email all the folks on the list first!
Let us know if you have any questions.

por Eleanor Aylesworth Warsh en July 05, 2023

What king of motor kit did you put on your euromini? I would like to adapt mine.

por ERNEST MONTAGUE en July 03, 2023

Enjoying the Urbano and Liberte,

por Kathlyn Beerthuis en July 03, 2023

I am 84 and still enjoying riding my Zizzo Urbano because I put a small motor kit on it myself. I could not find any kits with the smaller motors here in the U.S. , and had to order and wait 9 months to get one from an English company. Without my small motor, I could not get up the hills or ride as far as I do on my Zizzo. Love the bike!

por Ana guerrero en July 03, 2023

Lo máximos, excelente.


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