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por Beau Grant en March 10, 2022

ZiZZO Folding Bikes Team Up with Solos Smart GlassesThe sun is out and you're wearing your favorite shades while riding your ZiZZO. You have your phone in your back pocket or maybe connected to the handlebars. You would love to listen to some music but it is a little risky and illegal in some states to put both earbuds in. Music just isn’t the same with one earbud. Your phone rings and you have to stop mid ride to get that important call if you even notice it. The wind and background noise are so loud that the person on the other end keeps saying, “What...what was that?” You end the call and fumble around with your phone only to accidentally turn off the app that was tracking your ride.  

What a hassle; but we have a solution! Solos AirGo2 Smart Glasses! ZiZZO Bikes has partnered with Solos to distribute some of their award-winning models! 
Available to Purchase Now! Click Here 

ZiZZO Folding Bikes and SOLOS Smart Sunglasses 
Protecting your eyes from the sun as well as unseen objects has got to be one of the top practices of bicycle safety. Solos AirGo2 glasses are ultra-light and super comfortable whether you are out for a casual ZiZZO spin, jogging, walking, or simply watching some TV.  Their shape and design keep the wind out quite well- as they wrap around the curvature of your face slightly. Vision is excellent from all sides and the lenses provide UV protection.  

Solos Smartglasses and ZiZZO Bikes 
Riding and listening to audio with two earbuds is unsafe and illegal in some states. Not with Solos AirGo2! The amazing sound comes out of the rear of the temples of the glasses. Using the “directional stereo speakers” will not only sound great, but will allow you to be aware of your surroundings while riding.  

Use your finger to slide along the side of the temple piece to adjust volume. Need to talk on the phone while riding? No more annoying background noise to have the person on the other end saying “It’s too noisy! Can you call me back when you're done?” Solos AirGo 2 smart glasses are equipped with groundbreaking “Whisper Audio Technology”. After a few seconds of talking expect the background noise to get dropped down so you can easily hear and be heard in the noisiest of places!  

Solos Smartglasses Best Battery Life Team ZiZZO Bike 
Are you heading out for a long day riding your ZiZZO? Maybe you have a full day of outdoor activities and are not sure the battery will last? No worries, Solos is no doubt the smart glasses with the longest operation time! For every 1.5-hour charge expect approximately 11 hours of music streaming or 8 hours of phone call time with standby up to 2.5 days. For a quick 15-minute charge you can still get 3 hours of use. These glasses are made to play all day! 

Exclusive new ZiZZO App for tracking your rides! In collaboration with Solos, we have created a FREE ZiZZO rider-friendly app that you can use with or without the purchase of a pair of smart glasses. When connected to the smart glasses you will be able to track distance, elapsed time, maps with routes, current/average speed, and you’ll also have the capability to upload this information to your Strava. Extra features include access to your music, shopping, and sharing your rides on social media! You can still access your distance, map routes, and view elapsed time without using the smartglasses. 

For more information on the FREE APP click here: https://zizzo.bike/pages/free-zizzo-app  

We are excited to bring Solos AirGo2 to our ZiZZO family and hope you will check out all the models we have to offer to enhance your riding experience while proving to be safe, entertaining, stylish and very functional. Happy Pedaling!  


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