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Riding/Maintaining your ZiZZO in the Summer

por Luis Cruz en August 11, 2020
Now that it's summer, riding your ZiZZO bike has never felt more right! 
With hotter weather comes a few things to think about when maintaining your bike and going out for a ride. No matter how far or often you ride, there are a few tips we recommend thinking about this summer.
Storing your Bike
When storing your bike in hotter weather, the first thing to think about is the PSI of your tires. Under higher temperatures, the PSI can increase and cause the tube to explode. So if you're having to leave your bike in your car or container shed, be sure to not have your tires pumped to its max PSI. *minimum to half its recommended PSI suggested*
Another thing to think about is that the rubber parts (tires/tubes/grips/brakes) of your bike can dry up over longer periods of no use.
Maintaining your Bike
Maintaining your bike with a tune-up should be something you regularly do every 6-12 months depending on how often and far you're riding your bike. But if you're riding in dusty trails regularly, be sure to give your bike a good wash from time to time to keep your bike components from wearing down faster. *Remember: Never use a powerhead or nozzle. Using pressurized water can wash the oils a grease from sealed areas of the bike.* Dust, sand, or any debris between the bike components can harm your bike and affect the longevity of your bike.
Riding your Bike
Getting out on a hot summer day is always a great idea, but before you go out, be sure to plan ahead and accordingly while remembering these next tips:
  • Try riding in the morning or evening to avoid riding in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest.
  • Wear light and breathable clothing. There's nothing worse than feeling trapped in your own sweaty clothes in the middle of a ride! *BONUS if it's UV protective gear*
  • Be sure to wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect you from the harmful UV rays. Getting a tan is nice . . . but getting skin cancer, not so much 😄
  • Be sure to pack plenty of water. Water is great to stay hydrated, but it can also be used to cool off by pouring some over your head and back. *BONUS TIP: Freeze a bottle to keep a source of icy cold water *
  • If you're going out for long/far rides, be sure to pack a drink with electrolytes and maybe a gel/gummy nutrition replacement. Your body tends to hold and stay better hydrated with electrolyte filled drinks compared to having just plain water that will just be sweated right out. And your body tends to burn more calories cooling itself down compared to warming itself up, therefore having a gel or gummy pack can keep you from "running on empty."
We want to make sure you're ready and prepared for a fun ride! And with anything you do, there's always something to look out for. So be sure to bring down the tire pressure, dress appropriately, and stay hydrated 🙂
If you have any questions you can always email us at support@ZiZZO.bike
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por Manny en January 27, 2022

To all my new friends Good riding.
And Thank you ZIZZO


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