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Let's Take This Ride Inside! ZiZZO Indoor Trainer Saves the Day!

por Beau Grant en November 18, 2021

New ZiZZO Indoor Trainer

All year long I have been enjoying getting off work and having some “me” time on my ZiZZO. Sometimes I put it in the backseat and drive to a new place to ride or just wait until I get home for a local spin. But it's that time of year where we may get home in the dark or the weather is not best suited for a spin outside unless you live in Maui. There is no way I can only get a ride in on the weekends.  

What are my options? Ride in the dark with lights? No, I’m not a fan of that. How about taking a spin class? No, that costs too much. How about riding on the ZiZZO indoor trainer?  

The ZiZZO Indoor Trainer Of Course! 

The ZiZZO Indoor trainer is the only one dedicated to twenty-inch wheels. With a quick attachment to the back wheel and a riser block under the front I am ready to go. Maybe you have heard people use the term “pain cave” referring to the room they work out in.  Wherever you decide to put the trainer is fine but I think there are some good places I can suggest from experience.  

Making A Perfect Room to Ride In 
ZiZZO Indoor Trainer Personal View
The garage or a basement is always a great place. Now you may go out there and it’s a little cold and you may start out wearing all kinds of clothes but before you know it you will be getting down to shorts and a t shirt like its summer! I would highly suggest a few fans aimed at you once you get going. It can become a real sweat fest if you don’t. I know it sounds gross but if I don’t have fans the puddles develop really quick. Have a towel to keep the sweat out of your eyes and dry off, a water bottle near either on your ZiZZO or place a table next to the trainer so you can put your tablet, phone, laptop, etc.  to keep you entertained.   

Speaking of Entertainment 
Scenery for ZiZZO Indoor Trainer
Maybe you have heard about virtual cycling programs. There are products out there to measure speed and cadence if you want to look in to them. One way to have some cycling adventures in the comfort of your home is simply to put on some YouTube videos with amazing scenery to make you feel like you’re there. Maybe it's snowing outside but your video takes you through some exotic place like Bora Bora or Africa and you can just get lost in the visuals as you get a workout in. It doesn’t take long to feel the burn with the ZiZZO Indoor Trainer as you just cycle through your gears to make it harder or easier. Maybe if you are watching the video you see that it goes up a hill you just kick it up a gear and when it levels off or goes down you spin away. Whatever it takes to make it fun will keep you coming back for more.  

Now get INSIDE and RIDE! 


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