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Introducing ZiZZO's Newest and Lightest Frame to Date!

por Benjamin Chen en July 22, 2019

Introducing the newest and lightest ZiZZO frame yet, the LX!


The LX frame material unlocks your potential to go farther and faster all the while using less energy and is more comfortable.  LX Frame is designed to concentrate your energy, absorb more bumps and vibrations and give you a more efficient and enjoyable ride. You'll go farther and faster when your power and energy are efficiently transferred into your drivetrain. Our exceedingly stiff bottom bracket is a near perfect conduit for converting pedaling into power. Traditional Aluminum's fabled stiffness is inherently rigid and cannot spring back like steel and can be uncomfortable. We, at ZiZZO, set out to develop a material and frame that answers the paradox: how to get a bike that is stiff where you need it and soft where you want it. ZiZZO answers this with the LX: even with enhanced stiffness, LX increases deformation resistance by 50% to 60%. What does this mean? Simply put, you have a bike that uses your energy efficiently instead of squandering it. It means your bike can last as long as you can while being 15-30% lighter than comparable models.




ZiZZO’s design team partnered with our bike builders and top ranking universities to develop our exclusive LX frame design and material. A historical drawback of traditional aluminum has always been that, despite the alloy's superior qualities, fatigue sets into frame AND the rider from use over time. We decided this was an issue that needed to be resolved. LX has double the anti-fatigue properties of comparable alloys. Our efforts to make cycling accessible and enjoyable for everyone are ceaseless and we will continue to provide you with the top of line bicycles you’ve come to expect from ZiZZO Bikes using the latest innovations and technologies.


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