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How ZiZZO Got Started

por Deborah Lockhart en June 17, 2021

A few years back, a young man named Henry was sitting at the dock of the bay wasting time. Suddenly, a mermaid came out of the water and told him how humans are not only becoming unhealthier by the day, but they are dragging down the entire planet! She then told him that the engineers in Atlantis have been working on a machine to help solve this problem...

Young Henry responded, “Yea, but humans are too lazy to do anything about it. They just want to have fun!” 

The mermaid said, “That’s why we invented a sizzling fun machine! It will provide the best fun for the entire family from young to old. Not only that, but it will keep people healthy and it is the most efficient use of energy for personal transport, it’s pollution-free!” 

"Wow, you use this machine in Atlantis?” asked Henry. 

 She said, “No, it is for land use only since you humans are the problem.” 

 “What is it? How does it work?” exclaimed Henry. 

The mermaid smiled and says, “It has two wheels and gears. People will love using it, and it is fast, portable, and takes up minimal space for storage and transport.” 

Henry’s eyes lit up. “Sounds impossible, can I have one?”  

The mermaid pondered for a moment then said, “I will give you the engineering plans only if you agree to produce and sell them at an affordable price range and provide great customer service. Happy campers will ramp up word-of-mouth marketing!” 

“OK, deal.” The two of them shook hands. But before Henry could ask how the mermaids of Atlantis knew about camping, social media, and how can fish talk, she left the plans beside him and disappeared into the bay. 


That is a true story as told by Henry Hon, a dreamer, the co-founder of ZiZZO. 


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