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Fall Cycling Is Here! Layer Up!

por Beau Grant en September 30, 2021

ZiZZO Folding Bike for Fall Weather Layer Up

As the daylight gets shorter and there is that crispness in the air as the leaves change color, I think cycling on a ZiZZO in Fall may be my favorite time of year. For some of us we are happy to see the extreme heat or humidity of summer slip away. Don’t get me wrong summer is great too but there is something special about riding from late September till early December. Now I realize every region is a little different and maybe the weather turns on you a bit sooner but I think you know what I mean. 

Getting up on a weekend grabbing a warm beverage and a quick bite and I can't get out the door quick enough to feel the sun rays gradually warm me up. I pop outside for a moment and try to “guesstimate” what kind of clothes I will need.  


Early Riser ZiZZO Bike 

Now I know starting out It may be a bit brisk but as I start to work a little that may change. I don’t want to over dress or under dress for the ride. So how do I figure this out?  

Some things to consider is length of ride and what kind of terrain. If I'm doing big hills then there is a good chance I may be overdressed if I'm in full winter gear mode. If I just go out with my summer attire on a long flat ride it may take a while to warm up. So where is the happy medium?  


ZiZZO Bike Layers for Fall 

Personally, I love layers and certain fabrics that can really make a difference in comfort. Sure, you can just wear a t-shirt and a jacket if that works for you but through trial and error over 35 years, I will share what works for me. You may have heard the term “base layers”. This can be a long subject but I will give you the short version.  


ZiZZO Folding Bike Moisture-Wicked Layers
Wearing undergarments that “wick” away moisture but keep you warm can be a great start. If you’re in colder climates maybe add another or heavier material. You can always take off some layers if it gets too warm.   


ZiZZO folding bike arm warmers 
Arm warmers are one of the cheapest and lightest things that make a big difference. So easy to roll down to your wrists if you start climbing a hill and maybe roll them back up on a chilly descent.  


ZiZZO Folding Bike leg warmers 
Obviously, there are leg warmers as well that go from thigh to ankle but where I live, I normally don’t need them until colder weather comes our way.  


Wool Socks ZiZZO Folding Bike 
My biggest surprise I discovered was Merino wool socks. Sure, they are a bit pricey but I love them. They really keep my feet warm and dry when it's cold and cool when it gets hot...its magic I tell you!  


ZiZZO Bike Skull Cap 
The last thing is a “skull cap” that keeps the brisk wind from coming through my helmets vents and making me cold. I guess if you have a thick head of hair, it might not be necessary but they can also cover the tops of your ears as well until you want to roll them back. Once again this is specific to me and my region and you will need to modify it to your situation. 


ZiZZO Bike Bags For FallIs it just me or is there something about that October sun in late afternoons that is magical as well? On these rides you can start out with those arm warmers or all tucked away in a bag like our ZiZZO waterproof handlebar bag just in case you need them.  

It’s easy to just lose track of time when riding in a beautiful setting and feeling those fall vibes. Maybe those colors are just popping as the sun hits the trees during the “golden hour” and you might not want to go home until sunset. As the sun dips down, it starts to get a little but nippy so you just pop open your ZiZZO saddle bag and grab those extra garments and layer up!  

Everyone's moods and bodies react differently to temperatures and seasons. I for one feel the best between 67-80 degrees and where I live Fall seems to really thrive in that range. Every day riding my ZiZZO really feels like a gift pedaling amongst those fall colors. I hope you will experience that same joy! Happy pedaling! 


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