Basic hands on repairs and adjustments.

Aligning the Handle Bars on your Campo. 

How to install fenders for Campo. 

Changing the stem on your Campo. 

Adjusting your Campo stem lock. (2017 and prior)

Adjusting the Headset on your Campo. 

Adjusting the headset on your Urbano or Via.

Aligning the Handle Bars on your Via, Urbano & Liberté.

How to install fenders for Via, Urbano and Liberté.

Changing the stem on the Urbano or Via. 

Frame Lock Adjustment. (2017 and prior)

Installing a Derailleur Hanger. 

How to adjust and/or Install a saddle. 

How to install a rear cargo rack. 

Determining your bicycle saddle height. 

Installing the secondary latch of the frame lock. 

Frame lock adjustment. (2018 and newer)

Comfort saddle installation manual.

ZiZZO bike band. (retention band)

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