Install secondary latch of the frame lock

Tools Needed

Philips Screwdriver

Should you find the need to replace the secondary safety lock of the frame lock, following these instructions should allow you to quickly and efficiently complete the job.

1. If your bike is not already partially folded, unlock the main frame lock and fold the bike halfway. Please refer to the owners manual for instructions on how to fold your bike. 

2. With the frame unlocked and partially folded, locate the latch retaining screw. Loosen and remove this screw. Take care not to lose this screw.

3. After the screw has been removed, slide off the damaged latch. Note the spring under the latch when the latch is removed. Do not lose this spring.

4. Slide the replacement latch on.

5. With the new latch replaced, align the two halves of the disconnected frame lock and reinstall the screw. Tighten until the screw does not rotate. The repair is completed!

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