On the surface, many bikes look similar. 

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that there are differences that make a ZiZZO bike unique.

When comparing bikes, it's not about which is the best bike, but rather, which is the best bike for you? Comparing bikes on the surface can be confusing. When you look at weights of the bikes, even if the numbers are the same, what's under the "hood" is what matters most. ZiZZO Bike designers and creative teams want you to know that not all 24lbs bikes are created equal. We took an indepth look a other leading bikes to compare their weights. The conclusion: While these bike all weigh the same, they are not built the same and more importantly, they are not priced the same!Although the bikes may have similar weights, Price and components cannot compare to the feature rich and intelligent design of the ZiZZO Urbano. 

ZiZZO Bikes was founded on the principles of making cycling easy, affordable and accessible.Let’s take a look at how affordable some of the competitors are compared to ZiZZO Bikes. Staying within the $399.99 price range, we’ve come up with these 4 bikes and the ZiZZO Liberté: 

ZiZZO Liberté $399.99 
Tern Link A7 $399.99 
Dahon Vybe D7 $399.99
Citizen Gotham $379.99 
Schwinn Adapt $441.99 

 On the surface, one may say, “They’re all the same price so they must be the same!” But, this could not be further from the truth. A closer look reveals major differences that, while the cost is the same, the VALUE is hugely different. The chart below highlights some of those differences.