Pack a 20" ZiZZO Bike in a suitcase and travel

Have you been wondering if you can bring your bike with you on vacation? The short answer is YES! Not only is your ZiZZO folding bike perfect for those road trips, RVs and boats, but it's also ideal to bring with you on the airline as well.

Why would you want to bring your bike?
• It's a lot cheaper to use your bike as your mode of transportation instead of renting a car or bike. 

• Never worry about parking again.
• You can go places you could not with a car or on foot.
• Cycling brings you closer to the local culture. 

• Turn your vacation into an "Active" vacation. It's good for the body, mind and soul! 

We took our ZiZZO Urbano and wanted to see if we could fit it into a standard suitcase.
We followed the instructions on folding the bike. Instead of lowering the seat, we removed the seat/seat-post and set it aside. We removed the wheels and set them aside as well. We took the folded frame and laid it into the suitcase, it fit perfectly! We laid the wheels on top and placed the seat/seat-post on top. We closed the top and zipped it up; it fit perfectly, rolled it around no problem and didn't have to pay the "Athletic Equipment" fee most airline charge (up to $200 on some airlines!!!).

Removing the seat-post does not require any special tools; to remove the wheels requires a common 15 mm wrench.

Suitcase dimensions: 29" X 19.5" X 13"

Learn how to pack ZiZZO folding bike into a suitcase!


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