ZiZZO Bikes: For all types of riding

ZiZZO folding bikes are the perfect bike for all styles of riding, we covered the bases and designed bikes to fit every riders needs. ZiZZO bikes are comfortable, easy to ride because of the low center of gravity, and the perfect companion for a day outside. 

• Lightweight and most affordable. 

• Packs up and folds easily for storage or transport.

• Mini size, but rides just like a regular bike. 

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ZiZZO Liberté

The Liberté is designed as the ultimate recreational bike, a spirited ride is right up the alley for the Liberté. It rides fast, long and efficient yet nimble enough for any bike path or through any park you can find. The 8 speed drivetrain and high pressure tires help make sure this bike goes the distance. 

• Our lightest bike weighing only 23 lbs

• 8 speed Shimano drivetrain

• 1.5" wide high pressure tires

• Puncture resistant tires perfect for city streets


ZiZZO Urbano

The Urbano is the perfect lightweight all around bike, ready to conquer any terrain. Efficient 8 speed drivetrain can take you anywhere you need to be. Wide tires and a comfort seat allows you to ride longer, and as comfortable as possible. Conquer all roads and trails with the urbano.

• Lightweight and weighing only 24 lbs

• 8 speed Shimano drivetrain

• 1.95" wide tires made by Kenda

• Wide comfort saddle


ZiZZO Forte

Forte is your go to bike when it comes to packing on the gear for your commute, or having a place to store the groceries after your shop with the included rear rack. The pre installed fenders help make sure you stay dry and clean while out riding through the streets. 

• Heavy Duty: 300 lb load limit

• 7 speed Shimano drivetrain

• 2" wide multi terrain tires made by Kenda

• Wide comfort saddle

• Pre installed rear rack and fenders



Ready to ride anywhere the ZiZZO Via is built for all situations in the city. Pre installed fenders to keep you clean and dry on your ride, plus the 7 speed Shimano drivetrain is more than enough to take you to your destination with ease.

• 27 lb all around bike perfect for the city

• 7 speed Shimano drivetrain

• 1.95" wide tires made by Kenda

• Pre installed fenders


ZiZZO Campo 2019

When money is an object, the Campo is for you. More uses than you can imagine, commuting on a Campo is fun especially when you can fold it up and hop on a bus or pack it in the trunk.

• 28lb bike built for comfort

• 7 speed Shimano drivetrain

• 2" wide tires made by Kenda

• Wide comfort saddle

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