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ZiZZO Celebrates Mother's Day

por Beau Grant en May 05, 2022

ZiZZO Bikes Celebrates Mother's Day 

What would we do without our beloved mothers? Sunday May 8th is Mother's Day and as we go to spend a little time with mom, we may also recall some great bicycle memories with them. For some of you it may have been dad, but for some it may have been mom teaching you to ride your first bike. Maybe she held onto you while riding your first big bike as a kid until you had the balance to let go. Of course, she was there to give you a band-aid when you scraped up your knee or elbow and make everything alright before you jumped back on to try again. Are you having some flashbacks? Bikes with training wheels, a cool BMX bike, pink bikes with handlebar tassels, or maybe an old school Schwinn Varsity...now I’m showing my age.  

Has it been a long time since mom has been on a bike? Maybe she doesn't even own one anymore.  

A ZiZZO would be an AMAZING gift for Mother's Day!  

ZiZZO folding bike perfect gift for Mother's Day

A ZiZZO is so easy to ride, it would be a great re-introduction back into riding again. Mom would appreciate the easy step through style that is fully adjustable for her size and comfort. Another great reason to gift mom with a ZiZZO is since they fold up so compactly- it would be very easy for her to store it in a small place (in case she has limited storage space or has downsized her living situation). 

 A lightweight ZiZZO Liberte would be easy to get in and out of the trunk or the backseat of her car to go have some fun visiting with the kids or grandkids.  

Is your mom a little adventurous?  
ZiZZO Bike for Adventurous Moms

She can take that ZiZZO on a train ride somewhere and have some fun exploring by using public transportation. 

Now you’ll have a mom that rides regularly, and you can take advantage of sharing her new hobby with hobby. Making memories with your mom on a bike would be a great way to spend Mother's Day! Of course, you can still have brunch or a family get-together like many of us do. 

Moms love that attention and some pretty flowers and a sweet treat is always appreciated. How about planning a spin on a nice easy path in the country? Maybe get creative and have a little picnic set up in advance and you can ride to it with family members waiting for her. What a fun surprise that would be!  

I’d like to share a true funny story about MY mom.  

About 10 years ago my girlfriend and I visited my mom while on a bike ride. She saw my girlfriend's bike and said, “I like that bike! I wonder if I can still ride?” It had been at least 40 years since she rode and I was a little nervous as she decided to try to give my gal’s bike a spin. 

She fit perfectly- as she and my girlfriend are the same size. Within a few seconds she started pedaling and balancing, no problem. I was impressed! Then she had to make a right hand turn to follow the pavement... and she ran off onto the grass and into a big bush! She totally disappeared as though the bush ate her!  


I ran over there fearing the worst saying, “Mom! Mom! You O.K?” I them I heard her laughing hysterically. Luckily, she only just got a couple scrapes. Seeing just a pair of slippers and some legs sticking out of a bush was pretty amusing though! We had a good laugh and I told her that I wish we had video rolling. Not just for what would have been a submission to “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” but also for the look of joy she had as she pedaled for the first time in so many years.  

Riding a bike is truly pure happiness. I have to wonder if she would have had a ZiZZO... would have she successfully navigated around the turn... since ZiZZO, with the smaller wheels, is so much easier to maneuver and ride? 

Happy Mother's Day from ZiZZO! 

Mom and ZiZZO Bikes on Mother's Day





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