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Top 10 Reasons Why a ZiZZO is the Perfect Graduation Gift

por Beau Grant en May 12, 2022

ZiZZO Folding Bike Perfect Graduation Gift

It's that time of year where families gather to celebrate the hard work, efforts, and achievements of middle school, high school and college graduates. You want to send them off into the next phase of life with a nice thoughtful gift but have you run out of ideas? Of course, a car and cash are always a winner for most grads. Maybe they don’t need a car or it’s just not financially possible. Sure, you could get a nice 4k TV for under $800.00, but that’s just promoting even more screen time.  

I think we have a solution that won’t break the bank.  

Any model ZiZZO would be a great present and here are our top 10 reasons why! 

10. Getting a ZiZZO helps people of all ages socialize with some new friends! Riding a ZiZZO just opens up a conversation without any weird awkwardness when meeting new people, especially around campus. Students will see the folding mechanism and after maybe one odd look, will be asking questions! The next thing you know your son or daughter will be chatting away with the inquisitor like old friends.
College Gift ZiZZO Bike

9. Crazy gas prices can get eliminated by having a ZiZZO. Your offspring will use their human powers to get around instead of relying on a gas guzzler and also stay fit while saving money! Sure, the money they save may be used to buy pizza and the latest video games, but at least they’ll have a choice.

8. Perfect to travel abroad. Some grads like to head to Europe and check out other cultures. With the advanced public transit system in most other countries, the ZiZZO would be a perfect travel companion! Check out our blog with Aaron Cohen and his epic journey in France to see what I’m talking about.
Travel Abroad with a ZiZZO Folding Bike

7. Downsize living is a ZiZZO specialty! Dorm life is a problem when it comes to space, especially if your son or daughter are sharing a room. However, the foldable ZiZZO can be securely stored away so it won’t trip your teens when they come home late at night after a fun time cheering on the home team. Your college kid can store it away in the closet corner and they will still have room for that bag of dirty laundry they will be bringing home.

6. Lets keep healthy. If you purchase a ZiZZO as a gift, you’ll know they will be riding and you can feel good about keeping them healthier. Of course, you can’t control their eating habits, but the low aerobic impact of riding might offset their ordering off the late night munchy menu at Jack in the Box. Hopefully they fall in love with new bike adventures and decide to eat healthier as they get used to their new campus lifestyle.
Stay Healthy with a ZiZZO Bike

5. Gateway to all the bikes. Yes, we love our ZiZZOs, that’s a given, but we love all bikes! The ZiZZO could easily start off as a simple commuter or first-time bike for your son or daughter that will lead them to trying other fun bikes... now that they have some confidence! The ZiZZO is so easy and fun to ride it could easily be the beginning of a beautiful friendship with your children and exploring all forms of cycling. More miles equal more smiles.

4. One size fits most. Totally adjustable and easy to set up, the ZiZZO could easily handle a late growth spurt if your kids are just out of high school. Maybe you're not sure what size of bike to buy because it's pretty confusing when it comes to other traditional “big” bikes. Should your son get a Medium or a Medium/Large? 53cm or 56cm? You wouldn’t know without asking him first and ruining the surprise.

3. Fun to ride straight out of the box. Unbox, unfold, and they’re off! With minimal adjustments, your new graduate will be ready to roll- hassle free!
ZiZZO Folding Bike College Row

2. Earth friendly. The more we ride the less we drive.  I think we can all agree that riding a bike helps our beautiful planet in the long run.

1. Lets send them on their way. It’s time to get your new graduates out into the world with a bike that presents opportunity. A chance to explore the world on a bike is one of the greatest gifts you can give. It will also open new doors and challenges.

1 comentario
por Don S. en August 02, 2022

LOVE my ZIZZO Forte!
Outfitted it with a cycling computer shortly after I bought it. Now at age 74, I’ve been riding it for pleasure and exercise. The ODO is now up to 395.6 miles, as of today!
This is one EXCELLENT QUALITY bicycle! Had one a mechanical issue early on, but ZIZZO Customer Service addressed it, and promptly arranged for a ( free ) Warranty Repair at my local bike shop.
I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND one of these ZIZZO’s, for anyone considering the purchase of a good & fun bicycle to ride!
P.S. Mine is actually COMFORTABLE too! :-)


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