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General ZiZZO Questions

What should I check for before I ride?

How to fold your ZiZZO/ EuroMini bike

I received my ZiZZO. On the box it said "I need to take it to the shop and get it checked in order to activate the warranty". Is that true? I thought it is fully assembled?

Essential Accessories

Once folded what is the dimensions of my EuroMini?

The ideal height of handlebars when folded

Do I need a cargo rack to install fenders?

Whats my correct saddle height?

I'm 245 lbs. Can I still ride your bike?

Where are you located, where are the bikes shipping from?

Can you mount a bike computer on the handlebars and still fold the bike?

Is it fully assembled out of the box?

How much does your ZiZZO bikes weigh?

How safe and sturdy are your folding bicycles? Will it fold while I am riding it?

Will your bikes support my weight and riding position?

Once folded, can my ZiZZO fit in the trunk of my car?

How to track my order

Purchasing and shipments

Extended Money Back Guarantee

Where can I buy your ZiZZO bicycles

Where do you ship to and how long does it take?

Where's my tracking number

I'm interested in becoming a whole seller, who do I contact?

Who can I contact if I have further questions regarding my ZiZZO bicycle

Do you sell accessories and parts?

What is your return policy and warranty? Is it the same 30 day return policy on Amazon?

Do you have a retail store where I can test ride and buy your bike?

How does your 30 day return policy really work?

Whats the size of the shipping box?

Can I ship to my p.o. box or APO/FPO

How can agents leverage knowledge to help customers?

How do I publish my content in other languages?

How do I customize my Help Center?

What are these sections and articles doing here?

ZiZZO Technical Questions

Frame Lock Adjustment

Seatpost measurement

My Seat post does not drop into the frame

How do I remove the wheels?

Whats my ideal seat height?

Owners Manual

There are hills and bumpy roads where I ride. How does a ZiZZO handle this type of terrain?

Does adding the rear rack impede in folding? does it become bulky?

What size is the seat post clamp and seat post diameter?

Does it have folding pedals?

Can you put this on a suitcase and travel (fly) somewhere?

Are smaller wheels slower than larger wheels?

Why is the saddle so uncomfortable on my bike?